WELCOME we are Women in Alternative Action!

Women, youth and girl child, because of their gender, suffer multiform violence affecting all aspects of their lives (economic, social, cultural, political) and that occur in all sectors (private and public) and all areas (family, workplace, society, etc.).

These acts of violence have serious consequences for the physical, sexual and mental health of women, youth and girl child. They mortgage their well-being, that of their families. They accentuate the poverty that these groups generaly face in the Central Africa sub-region and and hinder country development.

In central Africa and in contrast to other sub-regions of Africa, the mobilization and coordination of resources to fight against the causes of gender-based violence (GBV) are very inadequate. The consequence is that the few means available is wasted.

To ensure the well-being of women, youth and girl child and therefore families and the development of the whole society, it is imperative to address decisively the causes of GBV in the sub-region. This battle cannot be won without a good mobilization of human and financial resources and especially the efficient use of these.

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