Women in Alternative Action work in different ways to forward the rights of women and youth in Cameroon, the Central Africa region and Africa as a whole.

Queens for Peace →
The Queens for Peace is a movement!
A movement built by Queens and female traditional leaders in Cameroon that together work to challenge and change attitudes towards violence against women (VAW), harmful practices, discrimination and marginalisation. The Queens for Peace is dynamic network of queens and female traditional leaders who together educate and empower each other to advocate in their respective communities on women’s rights, the abandonment of harmful practice sand the promotion of positive and empowering values and practices.

Challenging the causes of child marriage →
This project is both a research project and a media and communications project where Women in Alternative Action seeks to reveal different aspects that upholds the practice of child marriage in the Central Africa region. This means that the project is highly dynamic and this page develops as the project evolves. You will be able to find relevant research, news and findings relating to child marriage in the region.

Specialised livelihoods development support to poor urban women →
Poor urban women (PUW) reassert their economic rights and become pro-active participating citizens in the social, economic and political development of their communities.